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has someone told copperbadge about this?

I’m ex-site-ed for this but I have to admit, using the web to spin some puns isn’t as enjoyable as doing it punself. 




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  • Me:

    *is wondering if she's making stuff up in regards to the whole tattoo thing*

  • Me:

    *asks Anubis for a sign*

  • Tumblr dash:


  • Songs on the radio:

    Mention of roses.

  • TV shows:

    Talks about both roses and tattoos.

  • Universe:

    Roses. Roses everywhere.

  • Me:

    Okay, I get it Beloved, I'm getting the tattoo.


Anonymous asked:

So. "True" names in Kemeticism. Are those basically a spiritual version of that identity number in the USA where, if someone has it, you're basically fucked? (I forget what that number's called)


I’m not sure if you’re talking about Ren names, which is a name that is apparently uttered when you are born. Or, as some people in astral circles call it, a Soul Name. Which is totally unrelated to our birth names, and most of us don’t know them (for our safety). Or if you’re talking about the gods’ “real names”.

Someone’s Ren or “real” name (god or otherwise) do hold power, which if used a certain way, could really mess up your day. To hold such a vital part of someone (because to the Egyptians, names were special, powerful, and very much alive and apart of you) meant that you had control over that person. If you were a strong hekau, you could do damage to the person by doing damage to their name (which also really does have application even here- slandering a name can ruin a reputation).

Not sure how that ties into the identity number you’re referring to (social security number? Maybe?) but these names are super important from a heka standpoint. That’s why we’re never given the true names of the NTRW. Because to have that kind of power could destroy parts (or all) of Creation, basically.

Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide?
And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?

The aggrieved and the injured say, “Beauty is kind and gentle.
Like a young mother half-shy of her own glory she walks among us.”
And the passionate say, “Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread.
Like the tempest she sakes the earth beneath us and the sky above us.”

The tired and weary say, “Beauty is a soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit.
Her voice yields to our silences like a faint light that quivers in fear of the shadow.”
But the restless say, “We have heard her shouting among the mountains,
And with her cries came the sound of hoofs, and the beating of wings and the roaring of lions.”

All these things have you said of beauty,
Yet in truth you spoke not of her but of needs unsatisfied,
And beauty is not a need but an ecstasy.
It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth,
But rather a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted.

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet (via eusebes)



DO YOU LIKE NIGHTVALE? Let’s be real, you’re on Tumblr - you probably do. BUT: Do you want MOAR creepy spooky scifi/speculative/weird fiction in your life?

Look no further, ye hungering masses! Start listening to MY favorite podcast, THE DRABBLECAST. New (or old) short (or not-so-short) stories every week or so to tickle your brainmeats!

They commission original fiction while also digging into the classics (Lovecraft, anyone? Would you like a side of PKD with that?) and it’s all fucking amazing. They also take special care to spotlight the kickass lady/PoC/queer/all-combos-of-the-above authors who get “accidentally left out” when must-read lists are drafted. The image above is episode art for one of my favorite stories they’ve done, Hollow as the World by Ferrett Steinmetz. 

"Wow Ox," I hear you thinking, because I am psychic, “Very amaze! Such excite! Many subscribe! But why now?” WELL, FRIEND. Let me tell you. This is my favorite podcast. So you can imagine my MORTIFICATION when they announced that due to a lower-than-average subscriber outlook in the coming months, they are hard-up for monies!

This is a project that strives to pay authors and artists and actors fairly for their creative contributions - so fewer monies is bad for all those people, and it’s bad for you as a nerd who likes things, and most importantly it MAKES ME MAKE THE FROWNY FACE.



Subscribe on iTunes. Go donate. Buy a merch. Do the thing. You get more sweet-ass secret episodes just for you each month, and it keeps the lights on in their secret underground bunker.

One more episode that I love: Power Armor: A Love Story by John Joseph Adams. With all the links in this post, I’ve just handed you around six hours of sweet, sweet listening. CONSIDER TOSSING SOME FILTHY LUCRE THEIR WAY IF YOU ARE ABLE. Or like, reblog this if you yourself are deficient in the filthy lucre department.






how the frick does one go about building an actual altar, though

I don’t do IRL altar thingy, but from what I understand of those who do, it’s a bit like this:

  • Cry about expensive candles
  • Try and find a nice bowl at a thrift shop
  • Constantly worry whether or not the offering you chose is okay
  • Constantly worry even more about if you’re giving them often enough



Deck Interview Spread

I found this spread a few years ago on Aeclectic Tarot. It is a simple six card spread that allows you to meet your new tarot deck and get to know it. It’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s personality. It will show how it can help you grow, become a better reader and a better person. It is usually the first spread I throw for any deck.

The cards can be laid out any way you prefer, I lay mine out left to right.

Card #1: Tell me about yourself? What is your most important characteristic? The general personality of your deck. This question will reveal if your deck is painfully truthful, a prankster, a pragmatist, a romantic, etc.

Card #2: What are your strengths as a deck? The best features of your deck. This will help decide what kind of questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Card #3: What are your limits as a deck? This card represents the challenges, blocks and obstacles your deck may have. This is also helpful to decide what questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Card #4: What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me? We all have teachers in life and Tarot’s higher purpose is to teach us. To show us our areas of growth and help us improve.

Card #5: How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? Tarot, like all relationships, is a partnership. This card shows how to best utilize that partnership and shows you the best way to approach your deck.

Card #6: What is the potential outcome of our relationship? The most likely result of working diligently with your deck.

If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse


If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse, unleash your poison breath and razor claws.

If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse, your name is a promise of a fell fate for all your enemies.

If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse, you will survive the ice, you will build the fire, your wounds will heal, your muscles will grow, your plans will tighten, and you will thrive.

This world is made for monsters.

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